Update #24 on police enforcement of injunction order in Fairy Creek Watershed

B.C., Lake Cowichan

2021-06-14 20:11 PDT

There was no planned or scheduled enforcement of the BC Supreme Court injunction order in the Fairy Creek Watershed area yesterday on Sunday June 13, 2021. Therefore, no persons were arrested.

Today, on June 14, 2021, police enforcement continued at an encampment area near Port Renfrew, where officers have been primarily focussing their efforts for the past several days. While on their way, police encountered a group of individuals who were on private property and blocking traffic in both directions of the forestry road. The court-ordered injunction was read to the group of individuals and were provided an opportunity to leave or face arrest. 4 people refused to leave the private property and were subsequently arrested for mischief.

Throughout the rest of the day, officers, with the assistance of specially trained personnel, removed individuals from various locking devices within the injunction area. A total of 2 individuals were arrested for breaching the injunction (civil contempt of court).

All arrested persons were transported to the Lake Cowichan RCMP Detachment for processing.

Since enforcement began, the RCMP have now arrested 229 individuals; at least 10 of whom were previously arrested. Of the 229 total arrested, 182 were for breaching the injunction (civil contempt of court), 42 were for obstruction, 4 were for mischief, and 1 for counselling to resist arrest.

All news releases on the Fairy Creek Watershed police enforcement issued to date can be found on the Lake Cowichan RCMP Detachment website.

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