Update #15 on police enforcement of injunction order in Fairy Creek Watershed

B.C., Lake Cowichan

2021-06-03 19:58 PDT

Today, on June 3, 2021, police enforcement of the BC Supreme Court injunction order continued near Port Renfrew, where officers have been primarily focussing their efforts for the past several days.

Throughout the day, officers, with the assistance of specially trained personnel, removed individuals from various locking devices within the injunction area. A total of 7 individuals were arrested for breaching the injunction (civil contempt of court) and transported to the Lake Cowichan RCMP Detachment for processing.

Since enforcement began, the RCMP have now arrested 165 individuals; at least 9 of whom were previously arrested. A full breakdown of how many were arrested for breaching the injunction and for obstruction is still pending.

We want to emphasize that the RCMP is impartial in this dispute. The Supreme Court of British Columbia granted an injunction order, which are mandatory directions for the parties and the police. The RCMP is not at liberty to choose which law to follow, nor do we have the option of refusing to enforce Court Orders and injunctions.

While we respect the rights of individuals to peaceful, lawful and safe protest, within the terms set by the BC Supreme Court in the injunction, our primary concerns are public and police officer safety. Blocking roadways using the various methods and locking devices that individuals are being extracted from is contrary to the court order, and unlawful.

The RCMP remain committed to enforcing the law using a measured approach. This includes providing an opportunity to choose to cease blocking access and, where individuals choose to continue breaching the court order, taking the time necessary to ensure those arrested are treated respectfully and with due care.

To read all news releases issued to date on the Fairy Creek Watershed police enforcement, please visit the Lake Cowichan RCMP Detachment website.


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