Share the road with motorcycles

B.C., BC Highway Patrol

2023-04-03 09:00 PDT

Share the road with motorcycles

Every spring and summer brings out more vehicles traveling on BC’s roadways, including motorcycles. BC Highway Patrol would like to remind motorists to be vigilant for motorcyclists this season and follow a few easy rules to keep everyone safe on our streets and highways.

According to provincial data, motorcycles make up about 3.5% of insured vehicles on BC’s roads, yet they make up over 10% of total roadway fatalities. On average, 40 riders are killed* in 2200 crashes involving motorcycles on BC roads every year.

RCMP motorcycle and rider on skills course

Police would like to remind motorcyclists about legislation in the Motor Vehicle Act with respect to helmets and seating:

Other safety tips include:

Drivers sharing the road with motorcycles can help prevent a crash by following these easy tips:

Motorcyclists of all ages and skill levels, including those who have had an extended absence from riding, may want to consider taking refresher training at a riding school or try this on-line skills test.

As a police officer, a professional motorcycle rider and one who rides personally, I know all too well the dangers motorcyclists face on a daily basis, says Sgt. Bryan Fedirchuk, E Division Lead Motorcycle Instructor. I urge all motorcycle operators to take training, heed the rules of the road and ride defensively – your safety depends on you.

In regions of the province where motorcycles are prevalent, motorcyclists may expect to see police checking riders and machines for licencing and safety compliance in an effort to keep them safe and reduce incidents on our roadways.

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*Source: ICBC 5 year average, 2017-2021

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