Back to school safety tips

Children across British Columbia return to school in September. Whether you are a parent, teacher or motorist, we all have a key role to play in ensuring our kids head back to school safely.

Back to school infographic

Graphic with a cartoon school bus, police officer and two children that provides general back to school safety tips

The back to school infographic provides tips on:

Child crossing the road beside a school bus

Motor vehicle collisions are the number one cause of injury or death among children.

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Internet safety

The Internet opens up a world of information and is quickly becoming an integral tool with ready access whenever and wherever you are through cell phones and computers.

Internet safety involves ensuring that people, specifically children and youth, have the information needed to develop safe online surfing habits.

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Drug awareness

Drug deal at school

Inform yourself of the agenda and strategies of those who would justify, rationalize and legitimize drug use to sell drugs to our children.

Young people need adults who they can communicate with about values, feelings and  decision-making. This support prepares them for situations where they are introduced to drugs and opens dialogue with them in case they make a mistake.

Use open-ended questions such as, Why do you think drugs are becoming a problem at your school? Don’t ask, Have any of your friends asked you to try a drug?

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Recognize the signs of gang

Available research indicates that, although so-called youth gang members' ages range from eight to 50+ in some cases, the average age tends to be 14-16.

Gangs spread across all races and ethnic origins. They are not restricted to any one socio-economic group.

School age youth looking for a surrogate family are particularly susceptible to gang involvement. Yet gangs function directly in opposition to true families: where families sacrifice for the benefit of the individual member, the gang requires the individual to sacrifice for the whole.

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Street proof your child

Incidents of child abduction are rare. However, it is important to reinforce basic safety principles to your children in order to educate and prepare them, should they be approached.

Silhouette of a child being abducted

Some tips to plan for, keep in mind and discuss with your children are:  

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