Southeast District

Southeast District

BC map showing Southeast District in red


Sharing a border with Alberta and the United States, E Division’s Southeast District is an economically and socially diverse section of British Columbia.

Primarily situated among scenic mountains and rugged terrain, the Southeast District is seeing rapid growth in tourism and an increasing population of retirement aged residents, drawn to the area’s beauty. In order to police this changing environment, the 28 detachments and 20 sub-detachments actively pursue partnerships with the cities, towns and Aboriginal communities we serve. It is these partnerships that foster the active lines of communication allowing the Southeast District RCMP to align with the strategic policing priorities that are important to those that we serve.

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Current Southeast District News

08:54 PST (Thursday, Nov 24, 2022) - Kelowna
13:45 PST (Tuesday, Nov 22, 2022) - Kelowna
13:38 PST (Monday, Nov 21, 2022) - Kelowna
13:48 PST (Friday, Nov 18, 2022) - Kelowna
12:31 PST (Thursday, Nov 17, 2022) - Kamloops City
08:10 PST (Thursday, Nov 17, 2022) - Kelowna
07:11 PST (Thursday, Nov 17, 2022) - B.C., Kamloops City
21:36 PST (Wednesday, Nov 16, 2022) - Kamloops City
10:42 PST (Tuesday, Nov 15, 2022) - Kelowna
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