Lower Mainland District Emergency Response Team (ERT)

The Lower Mainland District Emergency Response Team (ERT) is the largest team of its kind in Canada. Operating 24/7, the Lower Mainland’s ERT is an integrated unit covering 29 RCMP communities and the municipalities of Delta, New Westminster and Port Moody.

ERT team in forest and on a call with TAV

The team is a group of highly trained officers and technicians with specialized response capabilities and equipment available to a community where the risk is such that a safe resolution is beyond a local agency’s expertise and capacity. This important relationship with the 32 communities ERT serves, greatly enhances public safety and security.

The Lower Mainland’s ERT responds to potentially violent and dynamic incidents in a unique geographic area covering 30,969 square kilometres from Pemberton to Boston Bar and south to the United States border.

ERT members go through extensive training and requirements in order to become members. In addition to possessing advanced tactical skills, members must also possess the self-discipline to function effectively in physically and psychologically challenging environments for extended periods of time. ERT operations can take place on land or at sea, both within or outside British Columbia.

Some functions that an ERT member may be asked to perform include:

The Lower Mainland’s Emergency Response Team works seamlessly with the 32 communities it serves, enhancing public safety and security through teamwork, professionalism and advanced training and tactics.

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