12 hours in the life of a Mountie


2022-12-21 15:39 PST

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The Nanaimo RCMP is arguably one of the busiest detachments in BC. With a population of just over 100, 000, the 150 plus officers assigned to work in Nanaimo, arrive each and every day committed to keeping the citizens of Nanaimo safe and out of harms way. " While the following is fictional account of a 12 hour shift, it is not far from the truth from what a front line responder can expect to deal with on any given shift, said R/Cst Gary O'Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.

4 PM The officer arrives at work and heads to the gym to hit the treadmill for 30 minutes.

5:30 PM Watch briefing. He greets his Watch mates with a heartfelt Merry Christmas while settling in for the daily briefing. At one point he reaches for his wallet and finds a hand written note inside it from his 4-year-old daughter. The note says Daddy, I luv U, Bee Safe, C U in the morning. He smiles and tucks the note back in his wallet for safekeeping.

6 PM After a quick safety check of his vehicle he lets dispatch know he is 10-8 in service. Calls are already waiting.

7:45 PM The officer and one other officer respond to a domestic dispute between a man and woman inside a residence. They arrive to find the two embroiled in a heated argument over finances. There are no signs of a physical assault so one party is asked to leave for the night to cool off. The officers wait while the husband finds his keys and waits until the husband drives off. After offering Victim Services to the woman, he writes up his file in his vehicle, then lets dispatch know the two are both 10-8. More calls await.

9:00 An emergency tone alert is activated. A convenience store owner has called 911 to report they were robbed by a man brandishing a knife. The officer is first on scene. The suspect has fled on foot so the officer calls for Police Dog Services to attend. Other officers secure the scene, take statements and review video surveillance, while the officer runs with the Police Dog and its handler. For 45 minutes then make their way through ankle deep mud and thick bramble bushes. The track stops abruptly at a clearing and is eventually called off by the handler. The officer returns to the store and discusses possible suspects with other officers. After writing up his involvement, he lets dispatch know that he is 10-8 in service and tries unsuccessfully to get the mud off his boots.. He eventually gives up. He also notices he ripped his patrol jacket while running with the Police Dog and has re-aggravated a previous lower back injury.

11 PM The officer conducts a traffic stop for a vehicle  that has no tail lights. The 17-year-old driver receives a verbal warning and is sent on their way.

11:15 PM The officer patrols through downtown and notices that the bars appear to be full. He makes a mental note to ensure he and his Watch mates do some bar patrols later on.

11:30 While on patrol, the officer comes upon an individual lying face down on a sidewalk. The person is unconscious, their breathing is extremely shallow and their pulse is almost non-existent; the officer believes they are in the throws of an overdose that could be fatal. EHS is called to attend and he administers Naloxone. The person responds immediately. EHS arrives and transports the adult male to hospital for an assessment. The file is written up. Dispatch, I’m 10-8.

12:30 AM The officer and others park downtown and head on foot to check out the nightclubs. They talk to staff and scan the crowd for underage patrons and known trouble makers. All seems good and most seem to be in the Holiday spirit. Dispatch, were all 10-8 from the bar checks.

1:45 AM The officer assists with a report of a 3 vehicle crash south of town. EHS and Fire are on scene. One occupant has been thrown clear while two adults are still inside with relatively minor injuries. The officer detects a strong odor of liquor from the vehicle and the injured persons. The officer is the second car on scene and is tasked with taking pictures and obtaining witness statements. The officers close the highway to allow a medical air ambulance to safely land and transport one of the injured persons to hospital. Dispatch, I’m clear of the MVA.

4:15 AM The officer meets with two other officers for a long overdue coffee break at an all night coffee shop. They discuss their evening and the armed robbery from earlier, flushing out more info on possible suspects. 15 minutes into their coffee, their down time is cut short when a tone alerts them to a report of three men fighting in a nearby parking lot, one is bleeding and another may have a firearm. All officers respond leaving behind their coffees and bowls of soup. The individuals are located, arrested and searched for weapons. When the scene is secure, EHS responds to the injured party. One of the individuals is found with a loaded Beretta pistol shoved into his waist band. This individual is well known to the officers and will be appearing in Nanaimo Provincial Court in the AM on various weapons charges and several outstanding warrants. Dispatch, were clear of the fight, 10-8.

5:45 AM The officer and a few others gather in a parking lot for a few minutes to take in the sunrise and discuss their Christmas plans. They remark it is the first Christmas in 5 years that they are not scheduled to work.

6:00 AM The officer heads back to the detachment and signs off. Dispatch, I am 10-7, off shift.

6:30 AM The officer arrives home. The first thing he does is checks in on his 4-year daughter who appears to be sleeping peacefully. He ensures the house is secure. He then takes a few minutes to admire their Christmas tree and the beautiful hand made ornaments that his 4 year old made at daycare. He feels blessed.

6:35 AM He hits the sack and falls to sleep instantly.

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