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Reports or complaints can only be submitted by phone or in person. We do not accept reports or complaints via email, text or social media.

Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: 604-646-9999
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When to phone

When to phone 911

When to phone 911

911 is for police, fire or medical emergencies when immediate action is required—when someone’s health, safety or property is in jeopardy or a crime is in progress. Examples include:

  • An event that involves an immediate threat to person or property. Screams, attacks, gunshots, fire, car accident with injuries or any other medical emergency.
  • A substantive, in-progress crime. This includes fights, break-and-enters (with suspect on scene), or a report of an impaired driver.
  • A serious crime that has just occurred (i.e. robbery).

For more information, visit E-Comm 911

When to phone non-emergency

When to phone Burnaby RCMP non-emergency (604-646-9999)

Use this number to report non-emergency situations where an immediate response or dispatch of the police is not required. Please help us keep emergency lines free for emergencies. If you are unsure, dial 911. Call takers will advise whether to call the non-emergency number.

Examples include:

  • Reporting a crime with no suspect (i.e. theft of license plate).
  • Reporting a crime with suspect, but the suspect is not on the scene (i.e. fraud).
  • Reporting a serious crime with a suspect, but with a lengthy delay (i.e. assault that occurred last night).
Online Crime Reporting

Online Crime Reporting

You can now report non-emergency crimes using Burnaby RCMP's new online crime reporting tool without having to visit or call a detachment. A police officer may follow up only if more information is needed.

Main detachment location information

Burnaby RCMP's main detachment is conveniently located adjacent to Burnaby City Hall. Parking is available across the street from the detachment. Additional parking is located at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts (6450 Deer Lake Avenue) and the Burnaby Art Gallery (6344 Deer Lake Avenue). For information on bus services please refer to TransLink.


6355 Deer Lake Avenue
Burnaby, B.C
V5G 2J2
Complaints & Non-Emergency Line: 604-646-9999 (Call 911 in an emergency)
Fax: 604-646-9704

See Burnaby RCMP location on Google Map

Hours of operation

7 days a week from 8 am - 8 pm
The main office is open on all statutory holidays.

For a full list and description of services provided at the main detachment please visit the Front Counter Services section.

Community Police Offices

The Burnaby RCMP operates four Community Police Offices (CPOs), which are spread geographically across the city and offer a number of in-person services. The CPOs play an important role in connecting the Burnaby RCMP with our community by increasing police accessibility to residents and businesses in the area.

Advance requests for attendance at community events:

If you wish to make an advance request for Burnaby RCMP attendance at your upcoming community event, please visit our community events information page. Involvement may include safety presentations, community award presentations, and other outreach. Attendance is subject to operational availability.


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