Victim Services

The North Vancouver RCMP Crisis Intervention Unit provides support to victims and witnesses of crime and other significant trauma. The Unit staff are on-call and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Upon police request, staff attend the scene of the incident, the detachment, the hospital, or the victim’s home.

The Crisis Intervention Unit is managed by Linda Walsoff. In addition to the manager, there are two other full-time staff, Fabiola Malagoli and Tracy Hardman along with five auxiliary staff. These individuals are trained and experienced to provide crisis support following traumatic events. Examples of these events would be domestic assaults, sexual assaults, robberies, suicides, fires, motor vehicle accidents and, assist the police officers with notification of next of kin where there has been the death of a loved one. The Crisis Intervention Unit staff offer practical assistance, emotional support, referrals and court orientation and accompaniment.

The Crisis Intervention staff also provide information on the Victims of Crime Act, where legislation defines a victims rights, and Crime Victim Assistance Program, when an individual may be eligible for benefits such as counselling or crime scene cleaning.

If you have been a victim or witness of a crime and would like assistance, please contact our staff at 604-969-7540.

The Crisis Intervention Unit is funded by the City and District of North Vancouver and the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

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