Gang Awareness

Gangs are not restricted to any one socio-economic group, and are spread across all races and ethnic origins. One commonality is that they are profit driven, and constantly vying for a share in the illicit market economy. Their tactics for gaining more control include intimidation, violence and even murder.

There are several myths around gang life which include visions of fortune, extravagance, friendship and respect. The reality is quite the opposite, with many gang members ending up injured, drug-addicted, dead or in jail. See more Myths and Realities of Gang Life from the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit.

The Surrey RCMP has a dedicated Gang Enforcement Team (SGET) to monitor gang members and associates, disrupt criminal activity and reduce the risk to public safety resulting from the actions of organized gangs. In addition, the RCMP partners with the Surrey School District and the City of Surrey for the WRAP Program, which identifies youth most at risk of being recruited into the gang lifestyle. SGET officers present the realities of gang life through "Shattering the Image" an anti-gang presentation that is tailor-made for Surrey youth, parents, educators and community groups. Police work together with school staff and parents or caregivers to mentor youth and encourage a positive lifestyle and self-worth.

Signs of potential gang involvement

Some warning signs that parents and caregivers should look for that could indicate a youth may be involved in a gang include:

Parents with concerns about their child being involved in criminal activity can seek assistance through the Surrey RCMP Parent Helpline at 604-599-7800.

Understanding Youth and Gangs (available in English and Punjabi) is a booklet designed to give parents and caregivers a greater understanding about signs of potential gang involvement. It is the product of academics, police agencies and community partners across the province. 

Countering the lure of gangs

Investing and being involved in your child’s life can be a key factor in keeping them away from gang life.

Some tips include:

Other Resources

Get Help

Reporting Gang Activity

Contact your local police or report anonymously through Crime Stoppers.

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