Creston man arrested for impersonating a police officer


2022-11-29 15:41 PST

File # 2022-3461 and 2022-3407

On November 20, 2022, Creston RCMP received multiple reports of a man posing as a peace officer in order to gain tangible benefits from local businesses in and around the Creston, BC area. The 57-year-old man from Creston is alleged to have attended multiple local businesses posting as an undercover police officer.

The man convinced three business to provide him store credit to obtain good and never returned to pay for the items as he had initially promised. The man is also alleged to have produced legitimate a police identification card and business cards during these interactions, but he in no way works for the RCMP or any other police force.

The man was identified as Felix Ference and has since been arrested. Mr. Ference appeared in court and was released on multiple conditions.

Felix Ference is facing the following charges:

We believe Ference may have attempted or even been successful in getting goods from businesses in Creston and the surrounding areas. We know it is not uncommon for small businesses to extend credit to customers in more rural areas, states Cst. Brett Urano, Media Relations Officer at the Creston RCMP. If you were victim to this, or someone attempted to gain store credit purporting to work with the police, we would like to hear from you.

Creston RCMP believes Mr. Ference may have attempted to gain goods or services from other businesses in the area by posing as undercover police assisting the Creston RCMP.

If you believe you fell victim to this man, or if he attempted to gain services by posing as a police officer, please call the Creston RCMP at 250-428-9313.

Released by:

Cst. Brett Urano
Creston RCMP

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