Fort St John RCMP recieve elevated number of theft from vehicle reports

Fort St John, Public Alert

2022-08-31 09:54 PDT

File # PSA - Theft from vehicles

Due to a surge in reports of thefts from vehicles this morning which occurred overnight, the Fort St John RCMP wish to remind the public to lock their vehicles when they leave them unattended.

This morning already, the Fort St John RCMP has received 4 reports of theft or attempted theft from vehicle along with two additional reports from yesterday.

These reports are coming in from the area of 83 to 87th Avenue and 86 to 89th Street in Fort St John.

Stolen items have included change, wallets containing licenses, identification cards and credit cards as well as a lap top.

It is imperative that individuals protect themselves by removing all valuable belongings and lock their vehicles, said Constable Chad NEUSTAETER, Media Relations Officer for the Fort St John RCMP. The personal violation individuals feel can be incredible and the financial implications can be devastating if personal information gets used to steal identities and open accounts and spend money in your name.

In fall of 2020, a Fort St John RCMP officer conducted an unsecured vehicle project and found that just over 15 percent of vehicles were left unlocked. Thieves are always on the lookout for an easy target; walking down streets in the dark, checking car doors, patiently waiting for the vehicles that are left unlocked.

The Fort St John RCMP encourages the public to make it a practice to lock your vehicle when you leave it and then recheck it before your go to bed, when you are locking up your home for the night.  Theft from vehicles (and residences) is easily avoidable and can help greatly reduce the frustration and loss experienced by owners and lower police file counts for preventable crimes.

The Fort St John RCMP continue to investigate and are asking anyone who may have information about these matters, to please contact the Fort St. John RCMP at 250-787-8100.

Released by:

Cst. Chad Neustaeter
Media Relations Officer
Fort St John RCMP
10648 100th St, Fort St John, BC, V1J 3Z6
Office: 250-787-8100
Fax: 250-787-8133


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