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Ridge Meadows

2023-02-10 14:39 PST

File # Public Advisory - Mama Duck

Maple Ridge B.C. – Ridge Meadows RCMP Road Safety Team (RSTT) hit the streets and launched Project Mama Duck to educate, enforce and encourage pedestrian safety.

police officer with duck on sidewalk

On February 9, 2023 between 4:00pm and 10:00 pm, RSTT patrolled Lougheed Highway between Laity and the Bypass with the purpose of educating drivers and pedestrians alike on following the rules of the road to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

While RSTT officers were out patrolling they observed pedestrians attempting to cross Lougheed Highway outside of marked crossings. They also observed drivers failing to yield to pedestrians that were in marked crosswalks. While the main objective was primarily education, when multiple infractions were observed violation tickets were issued to both drivers and pedestrians.

"Police want to remind drivers to leave their phone alone because distracted driving poses a safety risk to pedestrians." States Sgt. Crystal Heisler. "Police also want to remind pedestrians to utilize marked cross walks, ensure that you are wearing bright clothing and ensure that you are visible to drivers."

At the end of the day, everyone needs to do their part to make our roads safer for both the pedestrians, drivers and the ducks.

Project Mama Duck will be continuing, especially along that area of roadway.


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