Quick call to police results in two arrested for robbery

Ridge Meadows

2022-01-11 10:34 PST

File # 2022-509

Maple Ridge – Ridge Meadows RCMP responded to a robbery in progress and arrested a man and a woman.


On Monday, January 10 at approximately 10:15, Ridge Meadows RCMP frontline officers responded to a report of an alleged robbery at a local store in the 18000 block of 224th Street. A man allegedly filled a duffle bag with items and, when confronted by the store’s loss prevention officer (LPO), brandished a can of bear spray, pointing it at the LPO but did not actually deploy the spray. The LPO was unharmed however, the man then fled the scene.

Police quickly responded to the call and, within three minutes, located and arrested the man. Additionally, within 10 minutes of the call a woman was arrested in connection with the incident.

"The quick call to police by the LPO along with a clear and accurate description of the suspects proved integral to the timely arrest of the alleged suspects." States Corporal Klaussner. "This enabled police to have a targeted approach in locating the suspects, facilitating a quick response and arrest."

Klaussner further states, "This LPO did everything right. When your safety is at risk let the offender leave and call the Police as your personal safety is paramount."

Later that afternoon, charges were approved for Mr. Justin Michael Birch, a 38 year old, Maple Ridge resident. The charges are as follows:

Mr. Birch is schedule to attend court on January 24, 2022.

The name of the woman is not being released at this time as charges are still pending.

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