Tis the season for gatherings and get aways. Tips to help keep your home secure this holiday season


2022-12-08 09:12 PST

Richmond RCMP want to remind the public of steps that can be taken to help prevent your home from being a target for thieves.

Between 2020 and 2021 Richmond RCMP saw a 31% decrease in residential break and enters overall due to our priority action planning to reduce property crimes.

With more holiday gatherings and travel plans on the rise, Richmond RCMP want to remind the public of proactive measures that you can take to prevent your home from becoming a target for break and enters.

I work with an excellent and dedicated team of investigators who work hard to identify and arrest offenders committing break and enters in our community, says Sgt. Russel Yugai, Investigative Services Support NCO. Ultimately, our goal is to reduce crime in our community. Being proactive and educating the public around measures they can implement to keep their homes safe, is an integral part of our crime reduction strategy.Tips to help keep your home secure include:

For more tips on home security, please visit the BC RCMP website.

Anyone who has been the victim of a break and enter, or attempted break and enter, should report it to the police of jurisdiction. Whether entry was gained or not, reporting it allows police to investigate in an attempt to identify the individual(s) involved. It also allows police to determine modus operandi and potential crime trends.

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