Fraud can happen to anyone – be prepared and be informed

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2022-11-23 12:58 PST

Although the Richmond RCMP investigate many incidents of scams and frauds throughout the year, it is believed that the true number of incidents is largely under reported. From Romance scams, Rental Scams, Currency Exchange scams, to email phishing, the sheer number of scams keeps increasing every year.

The best method of protection is information and being properly informed.

  1. Your identity is unique. Keep it safe. This means your banking info, personal info, credit information, and so on. If you lose any of your identity documents, swiftly cancel them and obtain new documents.
  2. Regularly check banking or credit card transactions to make certain that nothing is out of the ordinary.
  3. Make your passwords for any of your accounts or apps more secure or better yet, use a password manager and enable two-factor authentication or hardware key authentication.
  4. If anyone contacts you, do not reveal any specific details of your identification.
  5. If an organization or an individual requests money in the form of Bitcoin or Gift Card, this is a tell-tale sign of something amiss.

The best information we can suggest is preventative. If we can help someone avoid being victimized, that is definitely one for the W column. If you are unsure of something, ask for an informed second opinion. If a deal seems too good to be true, it is likely a scam. If you are sent strange links to your phone or email, don’t click them without reviewing where it has originated from. Try and do as much homework as you can about something you are planning to purchase or rent. Lastly, law enforcement or authorities will never ask for payment to avoid an investigation says Corporal Dennis Hwang.

Although victims of scams can be of any age, seniors are particularly vulnerable. The Richmond RCMP Crime Prevention Unit has an outreach program available for local seniors or community groups. Please contact our Crime Prevention Unit at 604-278-1212 to arrange for further information adds Cpl. Hwang. Our Economic Crime Unit is highly experienced in the investigation, capability, and enforcement of complex financial crimes including frauds and scams.

The BCRCMP have a number of scams and frauds listed here:

For more information on the most up to date frauds and scams in Canada, please visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at:

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