The 8th Annual Richmond RCMP Toy Drive - November 19th at Lansdowne Centre


2022-11-16 07:28 PST

The Richmond RCMP Toy Drive is back for another year of festive fun & community spirit!

Please join us at the annual Richmond RCMP Toy Drive on Saturday, November 19, 2022, at the Lansdowne Centre Mall parking lot by the Skytrain Station from 8 a.m to 1 p.m.

Bring a new, unwrapped toy to Lansdowne Centre, or make a minimum $10 donation, and get a bag of mini-donuts!

All proceeds support the Richmond Christmas Fund

If you cannot attend the Richmond RCMP Toy Drive on Saturday, you can still participate.

Drop off a new, unwrapped toy at one of the Minoru, Ironwood, Cambie or Steveston public libraries, or at the Hamilton Community Centre.



Time denoted 00:00:0000 = hr:min:sec
DV: = Described Video
A: = sounds and music on video
V: = Voice speaking on video
T: = text on video


00:00:00 to 00:00:03
DV: Santa appears sitting in red sleigh doing loops amongst white clouds in a blue sky without reindeer.
A: Light piano music in background
T: Santa’s Test Run

00:00:04 to 00:00:14
DV: camera zooms in on cell phone attached to the dash of the sleigh in front of Santa and an elf in multi-coloured clothing is seen waving. Camera views exchange between Santa and Elf.
A: Music fades
V: Santa says Hello Elf. I got you on hands-free speaker phone.
V: Elf says How's the run without the reindeer going Santa?
V: Elf says This early test run before Christmas is going well so far.
T: Video call appears on dashboard cell phone

00:00:15 to 00:00:18
DV: Suddenly the elf disappears from dash phone screen and an alert appears.
A: Alert sound
V: Elf says Oh, oh!
T: Alert then Low Power appears on dash phone screen

00:00:19 to 00:00:20
DV: Santa throws his arms up in the air then he and the sleigh fall from view, leaving clouds and blue sky in view.
V: Santa shouts Oh, oh!

00:00:21 to 00:00:25
DV: Camera view shows two large apartment buildings, a cement parkade and snow in a parking lot
Suddenly Santa and his sleigh fall from the sky into a pile of snow. An RCMP police vehicle appears from the right.
A: Brief sound of police siren

00:00:26 to 00:00:45
DV: Two police officers in uniform exit the police vehicle and discussion between them and Santa occurs.
V: Officer 1 says Santa?
Santa says That’s right.
Officer 2 says What happened? Where are your reindeer?
Santa says My sleigh's not powered by reindeer! It's powered by the spirit of giving. I did my test flight too early, people are not quite in the spirit of giving yet. There's just not enough spirit to power my sleigh!

00:00:46 to 00:00:53
DV: Santa holds up his cell phone, which shows a dial meter.
T: Giving Spirit Meter appears on cell phone
V: Santa says The spirit of giving is the biggest part of Christmas. If I can't get my sleigh back to the north pole, I won't be able to deliver gifts to children.

00:00:54 to 00:00:57
DV: Both officers shake their heads in disapproval. Then camera focuses on Officer 2 who speaks then raises a radio to his mouth.
V: Officer 2 says I might have an idea. Come in Air One

00:00:58 to 00:01:09
DV: Camera view moves to large aircraft hangar doors being opened to reveal two more police officers in uniform who put on their dark sunglasses and walk out of the hangar
A: Sound of warning alarm horn with music and control tower weather forecast in the background.
V: control tower voice in background saying Air 1, Vancouver Tower. Visibility is 1 mile and light snow. Winds are 1-8-0 at 5 knots, altimeter 2-9-9-2. Lift off at your discretion.

00:01:10 to 00:01:21
DV: A helicopter is seen on a launch pad with close up of elements of the helicopter. Both police officers approach, one officer swipes his right hand on the helicopter, we see their boots step on the skids of the helicopter as they open the doors get in, and get ready for take off.
A: Background music fades
V: Officer 3 says Ready?
Officer 4 says Let’s go help Santa

00:01:22 to 00:01:26
DV: Helicopter lights turn on and rotors slowly begins to spin as the helicopter lifts from launch pad.
A: Background music grows louder along with helicopter noise

00:01:27 to 00:01:31
DV: Helicopter appears hovering over Santa and the first two officers at the crash scene. Officer 4 opens her door and throws out a rope.
V: Officer 4 says Catch!

00:01:33 to 00:01:39
DV: Officers 1 and 2 catch the rope and tie it to Santa’s sleigh and give the ‘thumbs up’.
V: Officer 1 Lift ‘er up

00:01:39 to 00:01:41
DV: Officers 3 looks out the helicopter’s right side window.
V: Officer 3 (in helicopter) says Alright Santa hop in, we'll give you a boost!

00:01:41 to 00:01:51
DV: Santa nods then touches his nose and disappears. Santa re-appears in the back seat of the helicopter. He shows his cell phone’s Giving Spirit Meter that’s growing to the pilots.
T: Giving Spirit Meter appears on cell phone
V: Santa says Just because you’re giving me a hand, the spirit of giving is growing. Look!

00:01:54 to 00:02:02
DV: The helicopter lifts Santa’s sleigh back up into the air. The officers smile. Santa touches his nose again and disappears, before reappearing in his sleigh which suddenly disconnects and drops from view.
V: Santa says See you around. Back to the North Pole
Officer 4 says: I guess our job here is done.

00:02:03 to 00:02:05
DV: Officers look up from the parking lot at the helicopter as it flies away.
V: Officer 2 says: Good luck Santa!

00:02:06 to 00:02:07
DV: Santa’s sleigh does a loop-de-loop in the sky
V: Santa says: Ho, Ho, Ho!

00:02:08 to 00:02:24
DV: Camera returns to officers 1 and 2 who are on the ground at the crash scene.
V: Officer 1 speaks That boost is not going to last long. We need your help to keep the spirit of giving alive. Please join us Saturday, November 19th for the Richmond RCMP Toy Drive at Lansdowne Centre parking lot. Come by from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm and donate a gift to a child in need.

00:02:25 to 00:02:27
DV: Black screen with text and RCMP crest.
T: Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Gendarmerie royale du Canada, Copyright His Majesty the King in Right of Canada, as represented by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 2022.

00:02:28 to 00:02:29
DV: Government of Canada logo appears then fades to black
T: Canada
A: music fades out

00:02:30 END.


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