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B.C., BC Highway Patrol

2024-02-01 11:35 PST

During the month of February, BC Highway Patrol will be out in force throughout the province to reinforce with motorists the need to Slow Down and Move Over for all vehicles stopped alongside the road that have lights flashing.



u/k Radio: Anybody give me a road report on Highway 1.
u/k Radio: All looking good, nice and clear.
u/k Radio: Wonder why there’s so many police there?

The group of 4 members standing together. A/Cpl. Merryman is directly across from Cst. Englouen and to her left, and sometimes she blocks him. To Cst. Englouen’s right is A/Cpl. Heath. In between A/Cpl. Merryman and A/Cpl. Heath is Cst. Duran.

BCHP: We’re ready to go.

Cst. Englouen: Copy.

C/Supt. Turton: Stay safe.

C/Supt. Turton: Hope that nobody hits us.

C/Supt. Turton: When motorists pass vehicles on the side of the road that have red, blue or yellow flashing lights they need to slow down and where possible move over.

u/k Radio: Slow down there driver.

C/ Supt. Turton: We have multiple police cars on the side of the road and where there are people who fail to slow down and move over, the officer will then conduct a vehicle stop with them.

Cpl. Merryman: This white trades vehicle, it had the opportunity to move over but it did not

Cst. Heath: Copy (siren activated).

Cst. Heath: I am literally inches from the curb lane and I now am trying to conduct a traffic stop and I don’t even have enough room to open my door. (sound of brake squealing and a vehicle collision). Point and case, there’s a perfect example of a driver that is not paying attention. That could have been me as I got out of my car. We are putting our life on the line here.

Cst. Duran  (talking to drivers in collision) Just pull over here, okay both of you and exchange your information okay.

C/Supt. Turton: We’re all at risk when people don’t give us the space to do the work that we need to do on the highways. It’s not just police, there are fire departments, ambulances, tow truck drivers.

Cst. Heath: The reason I’m pulling you over today is because when you pass an emergency vehicle with the red and blue lights on-
Driver: Yep.

Cst. Heath: it’s your job to slow down to below 70 and move to the left lane. So I need to get your driver’s licence please. I’ll be right back sir.

C/Supt. Turton: I worry about my officers and it’s not uncommon for me to find out that my police officers have been in car accidents.

Cst. Heath: You’re receiving a ticket for failing to slow down and move over for an official vehicle okay. The fine is $173, drive safe.

C/Sup.t Turton: It’s important to remember that people who are working on the highway, they want to go home to their families at the end of the night just like the rest of us.
u/k Radio: Slow down, move over when you see flashing lights.

(End of recording/kdr)



In B.C., motorists must reduce their speed and move into the far lane to give extra space to stopped vehicles with flashing red, blue or yellow lights.

This includes emergency vehicles, tow trucks, construction, maintenance, and utility vehicles.

Drivers are required to reduce their speed to:

Think of it as the 70/40 rule, says Chief Superintendent Holly Turton, Officer in Charge of BC Highway Patrol. We want to ensure that not only emergency workers are safe, but that land surveyors, garbage collectors, animal control workers, and others who work on our roads are safe doing their work on the highways as well.

Our goal is to ensure drivers slow down and move over to prevent injuries or possible fatalities, says Turton. When our officers on the side of the road are helping motorists, it is extremely dangerous to have vehicles travelling by at top speeds.

BC Highway Patrol officer is on a road and a passing vehicle is too close

(View larger image: BC Highway Patrol officer is on a road and a passing vehicle is too close)

What are the penalties of failing to slow down and move over?

Drivers failing to adjust their speed or failing to move over may receive a $173 violation ticket, which also carries 3 driver penalty points.

Most workers can relate to near misses and unsettling experiences roadside by inconsiderate or uninformed motorists. According to the province’s last analysis, 230 workers have been hit by motor vehicles while working beside or on the road, 12 of who tragically died and all of which were preventable.

BCHP asks all drivers to do their part by slowing down and moving over so that we can make our highways safer together.

BC Highway Patrol

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