An 11-year-old from Victoria named an RCMP puppy!

West Shore, Police Dog Services

2022-06-16 08:53 PDT

View a larger image: Cpl. Dave Lewis, PDS dog Halla and Josslyn

Cpl. Lewis, Halla and Josslyn
View a larger image: Cpl. Dave Lewis, PDS dog Halla and Josslyn

An 11-year-old girl from Victoria entered the RCMP Name the Puppy contest for 2022 and her name was selected as a winner.

What name did she pick?


On June 15, 2022, Corporal Dave Lewis with West Shore RCMP’s Police Dog Service and Police Service Dog Halla both presented Josslyn with a laminated photograph of Rigby, a certificate, a German Shepard stuffed animal and an RCMP water bottle.

Thank you to Josslyn for participating in in the contest and picking a well-suited name for one of our RCMP puppies this year, says Corporal Dave Lewis. "RCMP Police dogs work so hard and are an integral part of policing."

With over 11,000 entries across Canada, Josslyn was one of thirteen chosen for this contest and the name has now been given to one of our RCMP puppies.

Rigby will now be raised by an RCMP officer we refer to as an imprinter. It is the duty of the imprinter to raise this puppy that will potentially become a police dog. Both Rigby and the RCMP Officer will be working under the guidance of one of our police dog handlers, and over the next year or so they will work together toward Rigby’s success in our training program.

The 2022 contest is over, however if you would like to see more about the contest rules: "Name the Puppy contest" rules 2022.

Keep an eye out for the contest next Spring, the entry names will start with the letter ‘S’.

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