Warning about smartphone robberies

The RCMP would like to remind the public, especially young persons, about being extra vigilant with their personal property.

Person holding a cellphone

RCMP have noticed an increase in street robberies and thefts involving mobile phones, particularly smartphones.

Due to their high demand and portability, these items are extremely attractive for thieves. The high cost of these items is also driving people to purchase them online at discounted prices through various websites. This is resulting in additional robberies of potential buyers and sellers at agreed upon meeting places.

Police continue to urge citizens to play a crucial role in reducing their potential of being a victim. Simple steps like remaining vigilant and trusting your instincts will help reduce the risk of being an easy target.

Additional tips for preventing mobile phone theft include:

In the event your phone is stolen, report your theft to the police. Contact your network provider as soon as possible, so they can disconnect the phone and prevent any unauthorized calls or texts.

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