Preventing theft from and of vehicles

Vehicle theft can occur in any neighbourhood, at any time of day. Common reasons for the thefts include the age of the vehicles involved, with many of them being early 2000 model vehicles, as well as drivers leaving their keys inside the vehicle.

Car being broken into

The RCMP would like to provide the public with the following tips and best practices in an attempt to prevent theft of Motor Vehicles or Theft from Motor Vehicles.

Avoid the following practices

Security measures to protect your vehicle

Parking your vehicle

Other good practices

People often fail to report suspicious activity while it is occurring because they don’t want to be embarrassed if their suspicions are unfounded. The police prefer that you call in suspicious activity so it can be investigated, resulting in criminals being apprehended and further criminal acts prevented.

Reporting all theft

If you see any suspicious persons or activities near a vehicle, call the police immediately. Report suspicious activity while it is happening. Try to get a description of the suspects and their vehicle (including licence plate). Do not confront the suspects. Let the police determine if it’s a crime in progress.

The Online Crime Reporting tool is also available to report crimes that meet certain criteria.

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